Trey’s iPod Touch: Test 2

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Test 2:
Though initially thrilled at the iPod’s various interwebbing capabilities, I wasn’t crazygonuts about trying to blog on it.
But of course there’s an app to make it better! And so far, ladies and gentlemen, so good.
But I am doing this sitting directly on front of my computer, so that joy is somewhat stifled by the jealous glow of a better option.


How Many Times Must We Go Through This?

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Hello, old friend.  Sorry I haven’t been in touch.  I haven’t had a decent method of getting to you in quite some time.

However, with the purchase of a brand spankin’ new laptop, we can freely interact once again, sharing with the interwebs our collective awesomeness.

It’s a rainy Saturday in Cleveland.  I suspect it’s the system my parents tell me has been in Kentucky for the last week.  Doesn’t make the near future optimistic weather-wise…  It’s not going to make the show tonight any better either (sending the orphans out into the cold is one of the few reprieves the rest of us get backstage.)  But it gives me a viable excuse to stay inside all day and do practically nothing, and blogging after several months fits that bill.

Looking  at the recent hits on my site, I can see that no one reads this anymore.  I’m glad.  I may enjoy a bit of freedom that comes with anonymity.  It also spares me the guilt of putting my readership through a recap of the last…   year?!  Oops.

The biggest news, and what’s kept me more reclusive than usual, has been Mom’s ordeal with breast cancer.  I’ve avoided this site long enough that the whole thing has come and gone.  She was diagnosed in October, has undergone surgery, chemo, and radiation and is now on her way to growing her hair back out.  I’m sure many of you knew, and I thank you for your support and prayers over the past several months.  Next week actually marks a year since we got the news, and she was recently given the all-clear from the last round of tests she’ll have to endure for some time.

Show-wise, we left off at the announcement of Peter Pan, which was such a lot of work that I took a brief hiatus until summer when I did Forbidden Broadway.  Then I played the title role in Beauty and the Beast.  Right now I’m in the ensemble for America’s sappiest musical, Annie.  And next I’ll be doing Beauty and the Beast again at another theatre.  More details will come in the form of individual inside-reviews.

Um, I’ve been dating someone since January.  Officially since April.  And it’s great.  Sarah’s great.  The neighbors call her my super-hot girlfriend.  My friends ask her what she sees in me.  Because she’s so awesome.  It’s great.  Great great great.

She’s a dancer.  She works at a restaurant.  She cooks for me a lot.  She’s super-hot.

Yeah, she’s neat.

I’ve been working at University Hospitals for over a year now.  I’m a temp, bouncing from department to department.  I worked with Ireland Cancer Center, then moved to Ophthalmology, then Otolaryngology, and I’ll be starting with Cardiology on Monday.  Keeps me busy and pays the bills.

I’m still living in the little cottage with Mikey.  Here’s some pictures I promised you over a year ago (that were taken over a year ago…)

The House

Trey and Mikey's Cottage. Good Ol' #3

My back yard.  Jealous?

My back yard. Jealous?

OK, not really my back yard, but the shared property of our little community, and I’m free to go there any time I like.

That’s it for now.  I’m going to go do something productive.

That is such a lie.

Trey’s iPod Touch

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I can SO blog on the road with this thing!

>Seriously. Don’t Come Here Anymore

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Portrait of a House …a Word Portrait, Anyway

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Due to some interesting things involving internet and transferring it and old roommates needing it for online classes, I have screwy computer access for a while, but I’d really like to talk about my house.  This means no pictures.  Deal with it.  Come with us to a magic land; just use your imagination.

When Mike drove in to apartment hunt with me, I had some pretty firm ideas on what we should get.  Mike had pretty firm ideas, as well, on what he wanted.  These did not mesh, at least not in my mind.  I wanted an apartment in a complex somewhere; Mike wanted a house to call our own.  I tried my best to tell him that there would not be a house within our budget that wasn’t shared with other tenants, losing the main appeal in renting a house.  This went back and forth a while; we ended up looking for several more days than we had initially planned.  Tensions were high.  Feelings were about to be hurt.

Then, there it was.

By the grace of God, perched on the shores of Lake erie, glittering as if made of purest shimmering samite: our cottage. A little white two-story three-bedroom house with a little yard and beach access.  Well within our budget, we’re awarded with privacy, a basement complete with washer and dryer, a dishwasher, a free-standing bathtub, and an enormous front porch.  It’s perfectly shaped for entertaining, and we’re allowed to paint it!

No words in teh blogosphere are appropriate to how excited I am about this place (see: “squee”).  It took a couple of weeks to get it liveable: there were many spiders to kill and about two years of grime to scrub off most of the surfaces.  But over Labor Day weekend, Mike and I both got all our earthly possessions within its doors, and we now call it home.

Home does not have A/C, which is unfortunate, but I happily trade that with the luxury of a dishwasher (it’s hot in the summer, but I eat the year round).  It has flowers all over the place, which will make my father happy to know I’m taking care of them.  it has neighbors, wo were slightly scary at first but have won us over with friendliness in the form of free food.  It does still have the occasional spider, but Mike is man enough for both of us to come running if I find one.  If not, even Trey’s lady-friends are manlier than he is and can drive out if Mike isn’t home.

Did I mention that this place was perfectly situated, not only by the lake, but by the freeway and much more centralized around Cleveland Proper, closer to practically all the theatres where I perform?  Yeah.  It’s that, too.

Once we get the place put together (I’m still pole-vaulting boxes and various piles of crap to get from the door to my bed) you’re all invited!  All at once!  Bring booze!  It’s a party!

Second Star to the Right, and Straight on ’til Morning

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I was Peter Pan for Halloween three years in a row.  The fourth year, I went to a “Hallow Him” celebration at church instead of trick-or-treating; Mom glued leaves on my Peter Pan costume and I was Adam.  But I was so Peter Pan.  I own Hook, the Disney cartoon, Finding Neveland, and the 2003 version on DVD, and I can tell you just why each of them is wrong.  For my final project in Dr. Dixon’s Oral Interp, I read Captain Hook’s death scene.  When I visited the UK in 2003, I separated myself from the group and circled Kensington Gardens until I found J.M. Barrie’s estate.  Of course I have my picture by the famous statue (which took me another long while to find).

So when I tell people, “yeah, I’m going to be in Peter Pan at the Beck.  Sure it’s not the greatest of shows, but I’m glad to get my foot in the door,” you’ll know it’s a lie.  A bold-faced lie.

This Holiday Season I will be playing the pirate Bill Jukes.  And I couldn’t be more excited unless I was playing Hook himself (or Rufio, but that just can’t happen).  There are two interesting things about Jukes concerning his appearance.  First of all, the book describes him with, “every inch of him tattooed.”  I’m meeting with the costume/makeup people in a couple of weeks, and you bet your sweet bippy I’m inquiring on this point. 

*To be clear, I think that would be awesome.

The other thing is that I’m not allowed to cut my hair until January.  This will be the first time I’ve ever let my hair go that long.  Even in college, when I was feeling free-spirited and slightly rebellious, I couldn’t bear having that much hair.  My hair doesn’t get long. It gets big.  So when I look like Sideshow Bob, I’ll just have to find an excuse to wear a hat. 

There will be a smattering of Sandhams in the production as well, including Brendan as Smee and Lincoln as John.  Clay will be one of my fellow pirates.  Good times.  Some other people I also like will be in it.  Overall, I’m thrilled. 

Oh, apparently Lindsey will be Older Wendy.

You Think That I Care? You Right!

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My next show, which I am more than a little excited about: Assassins.  If you’re not familiar with the show (as most people aren’t.  It’s pretty obscure), I shall explain it.

But first, visit the website and order tickets now!!!

First of all, it’s written by Stephen Sondheim, creator of such wonders as Sweeney Todd and Company, enough to make any theatre buff giddy.  The basic premise is that it’s the story of the nine presidential assassins (both successful and attempted).  It takes place in a bar in the mid-sixties where they’re all able to step out of their own time.  Led by their pioneer, John Wilkes Booth, they collectively try to persuade Lee Harvey Oswald to shoot Kennedy.  Through this, they would be bound together and made a “force of history.”

Weird? Yeah. Awesome? Probably.

One of the more controversial shows out there, our production is poised interestingly around this historical presidential election.  It should draw some attention.  To me.  Which is what really matters.

Though I really wanted to play Booth (who else gets to scream the “n-word” and commit suicide in the same song?), I am ecstatic to play the part of Giuseppe Zangara, the Italian immigrant who suffered from chronic stomach pains that drove him insane.  Blaming “the bosses and capitalists and kings” for his illness, he initially wanted to kill Hoover, but that was too far and too cold.  So he attempted to kill President Elect Roosevelt when he visited Miami.

He missed.  But he did kill Mayor Anton Cermark of Chicago and wounded four others.  He was sentenced to death by electric chair, which is my big scene, and his last remarks were his indignation that there weren’t any photographers for the occasion, and “who cares.  push the button!”

It’s going to be a great character piece for me.  Heavy accent, weird stomach things to think about, a violent death, and a song that’s too high so I get to just scream a lot.  Yesssssss…